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About OsoSweet Onions: Like No Other Onion on Earth

SAN FRANCISCO (January 19, 2006) - Until 1989, when Oso (oh-so) Sweets first arrived in North America, sweet onions were only a spring/summer treat. Now, OsoSweet onions are the first sweet onion of the new year on market shelves.

The OsoSweet onion was perfected in 1989 to take advantage of the rich, volcanic soil, ideal climate, and pure water at the foothills of the Andes Mountains in Chile. To meet the growing hunger for "sweets," agronomists at OsoSweet searched the world for just the right place to grow not just any sweet onion, but one that would truly stand apart.

The search ended at the foothills of the Andes Mountains in Chile, where just the right combination of rich, volcanic soil, ideal climate, and pure water provides the perfect conditions for growing a "world class" sweet onion - an onion that's exceptionally mild.

OsoSweet Onions, imported by Saven Corporation, Waterford, Michigan, are available in jumbo and colossal sizes in supermarkets and produce markets throughout the U.S.


Nine Reasons Why OsoSweets Reign Supreme

1 - Perfect Weather to Grow Sweet Onions

The Andes Mountain region of Chile provides the ideal conditions for growing the World's Premier Sweet Onions. The arid climate - warm days and cool nights - helps OsoSweets retain the high sugar content and crisp texture only a fresh, sweet onion can deliver.

2 - Ideal Soil Conditions

The clean, mineral-rich, volcanic soil contains special properties that give OsoSweets a sweet, mild onion flavor.

3 - Pure Water

The crystal-clear water that flows down from the Andes is some of the purest water on earth. This is the only water used for irrigation during the growing season.

4 - Better Seed Variety

OsoSweet onions come from a special seed variety developed for this particular setting. These unique seeds produce the sweet, mild OsoSweets.

5 - Higher Sugar Content Than Other Sweet Onions

On average, OsoSweets contain up to one-third more sugar than other sweet onions. In some seasons, sugar levels reach as high as 15% - higher than most fruits.

6 - Consistency

OsoSweet onions maintain the highest quality and consistency in the sweet onion business. All growers observe the same unique growing protocol under strict supervision, guaranteeing the consistent quality of each year's harvest.

7 - Quality Control

Osos are not field packed like many other onions. In a packing shed a computer monitors color, sizing, and uniformity of each onion. In addition, grading standards are among the highest in the industry.

8 - Hold Up Better in Cooking

OsoSweets hold up better in cooking than other sweet onions and maintain their texture, shape and rich onion flavor.

RAW: No other onion shows as well in its natural state than an OsoSweet. Try them: On sandwiches, burgers or hot dogs, in salsas, salads, relishes or anywhere only a fresh, sweet onion will do. For dips instead of chips - great with guacamole or vegetable dips.

COOKED: OsoSweets retain their texture, shape and intense, rich flavor in cooking better than other sweet onions. Try them boiled or baked with herbs, caramelized or creamed, cooked in stir-fry, soups or stews.

9 - Qualities

  • No fumes when cut; virtually tearless
  • Mild, subtle aroma
  • High in sugar and low in pungency
  • Very sweet, fruity flavor, with pleasant onion taste
  • Crisp texture, like a celery stalk or an apple
  • Extremely digestible                                            

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