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OsoSweet TV Tour Fills Airwaves Around America
Over 40 Cities Feature OsoSweet Onion Cooking Segments

SAN FRANCISCO (January 9, 2006) - SUPER SWEET SUNDAY: OsoSweet onions appeared Super Bowl Sunday on the nationally televised “Fox and Friends” show, supporting Ronald McDonald Houses. 

L-R: William Sullivan, President & CEO Ronald McDonald House; Adam Marks, Executive Chef, Junior’s Cheesecake; and Rodger Helwig, OsoSweet Onion Marketing Director.

Super Bowl Sunday was not only a winning day for the Pittsburgh Steelers. That morning, OsoSweet onions starred in a nationally televised appearance on the popular Fox Network program “Fox and Friends.”

OsoSweet teamed up with renowned Junior’s Cheesecake of New York fame to make an on-air appearance in support of the Ronald McDonald Houses across America. Each house provides a supportive place to stay for parents while their children are receiving medical treatment.

The creative chefs at Junior’s whipped up a special “OsoSweet Onion Cheesecake” to sell at their New York outlets.  Onion lovers around America could also buy this unique dessert via the Junior’s web site. Proceeds will support Ronald McDonald House charities.

This was one part of a 40-plus city TV tour “Oso Over America II,” designed to showcase how versatile OsoSweet onions are in cooking. “We know it’s a bit of a stretch for people to think about onions and dessert, but the purpose is to demonstrate the very high sugar levels of the OsoSweet and how they can be used in so many interesting ways,” says Rodger Helwig, OsoSweet onion marketing director. “After all, people do love carrot cake.

Special events will also take place at the Ronald McDonald Houses in New York, Chicago and Philadelphia prior to Valentine’s Day. In each city, culinary students will vie for prizes in an “OsoSweet Dessert Challenge” contest, with extensive local media coverage. 

The TV tour kicked off in San Diego on January 14, with an appearance on the KNSD-TV “This Weekend” program by Cheffy Baby, a well-known TV cooking personality. He and cookbook author Christy Rost (“The Family Table”) began a six-week media push covering major cities around the country.  

In each cooking segment, they demonstrate for viewers how OsoSweets can be used in so many ways, emphasizing how they add a rich, savory component to any cooked dish. “We feel that one of the advantages of OsoSweets versus other sweet onions is that Osos maintain there unique crisp texture when cooked. They’re the perfect onion whether raw or cooked,” according to Helwig.

OsoSweet onions, in season from January through March, are grown in Chile and distributed throughout the U.S. by Saven Corporation, Waterford, Michigan. 



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