The Sweet Onion Source
Maui - Hawaii

This legendary sweet onion hails from the island of Maui, referred to as the child of the "sleeping giant" volcano Haleakala (Hau-lay-ah-kah-lah). Maui "Kula" sweet onions grow high up Haleakala’s fertile slopes.

Mauis were first introduced to the mainland U.S. by tourists bringing them back by the bag. Like Vidalias, they are a Yellow Granex type hybrid and originated from varieties developed in Texas.

Availability: mid-February to late November.

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These delicious "sweets" are grown by the Maui Growers Co-Op, formed in 1943 by a small group of local farmers who harvest some of the finest crops available throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Over the past five decades they have perfected the art of producing sweet onions, and are responsible for over 75% of the commercial onion harvest.

The Maui onion thrives in the balmy tropical climate and lush volcanic soil of this island paradise. Only 400 acres of prime agricultural land is made available for onion crops each year. They are harvested by hand and left in the fields where the mild trade winds dry and cure them. Co-Op members then bag the onions and prepare them for air shipment to the mainland.

Peak harvest months run from May until December, with heavy seasonal rains interrupting the harvest the rest of the year.

Maui sweet onions are widely available in specialty stores and supermarkets on the West Coast and in other stores throughout the country.


Ordering Maui Sweet Onions
For more information or to order direct, contact:

Maui Produce Exchange
391 Taylor Blvd., Suite 105
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
(925) 676-6284