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POP materials and clip art

POP Materials (downloadable)
Clip Art/Advertising Programs (downloadable)

POP Materials
To maximize your sales of OsoSweets, we have created these striking POP materials
for in-store use.

For more information or to order, contact:
Exclusive Sales Agent
Battle Produce Exchange
(231) 946-9696
Fax (231) 946-1420

POP CARDS - 7" x 11" - OSOPOPCard.pdf (5MB)

POP cards

BANNERS - 1' x 4' - OSOBANNER.pdf (876K)


Clip Art/Advertising Programs – OSOclipArtSheet.pdf (1.5MB)

The clip art below can be downloaded for insertion into feature ads. For information about creating a target market newspaper or radio advertising program, contact John Battle.

Clip art


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